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Event Log - Horoscopes!
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lucetimods wrote in lucetilogs
Who: Everyone
What: That's your horoscope for today ♪
When: November 25th-30th
Where: Anywhere you want!
Summary: The event has begun, and- oh, you guys know the drill 8|
Rating: ???

The horoscopes have appeared on the journals, the effects are in place, and just about everyone is acting a little bit... quirky, shall we say.

Event details and plotting can be found HERE!
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[Ginji's hurrying past the village square, mumbling quietly under his breath. He's never put a whole lot of stock in Score readings before, but whatever these "horoscopes" are, they seem to be coming true all over Luceti; even Noelle has been acting weird.]

[And without Noir and the others here, it's up to him. He's got to find some way to stop Asch from doing it! And keep his job for at least a while longer! Really, how could Ginji not have noticed? Asch was going to fire him even after all four of them had agreed to stick around and see things through to the end. He'd already ordered the Dark Wings off and now it must be Ginji's turn.]

Where'd Asch disappear to this time? He could be anywhere...

[Turning a corner.]

[And Asch is around the corner! Right around it, actually, with the scissors up against his hair. The collision sends him stumbling right to the ground, the scissors flung aside into the grass nearby. Owww.]

Hey, what the hell! Watch where you're going!

p.s. beware mood swings.

[Ginji wasn't expecting anyone to be there. Colliding with his employer sends him stumbling sideways and crashing into the wall, banging his arm in the process. Ouch! Yeah, not cool.]

Sorry!! I'm sorry, I was in a hurry and there's--

[Ginji finally turns to help whoever it is he just knocked over.] Asch. [He hesitates with his arm about halfway extended towards him and frowns. And. Lets the arm drop.]

Listen, I know you're not going to like it, but I really can't let you go through with this!

uh-oh here comes trouble

[Asch's brows furrow, expression shifting to an irritated scowl.]

What are you talking about? I haven't even told you what I'm doing yet!

Were you going to? [He frowns right back, sounding doubtful.]

It's okay, I managed to figure it out on my own. Although I will admit the journal helped a little.

[His attention finally shifts to the object glinting on the ground. What could Asch want with a pair of scissors? Tailoring?]

Don't be stupid, I didn't put anything on the network.

[Okay, he is really getting confused here. Is Ginji mixing him up with Luke or something? As unusual as that sounds...

...Oh, right, the scissors. He retrieves them, rubbing the dirt off with his tabard. Wouldn't do to get muck in his hair.]

I know. [Is Ginji being a smartass? It almost sounds like it. He digs his journal out of a coat pocket and flips it open.] But I've noticed some really strange things happening lately, and it looks like they might have something to do with these "horoscopes".

[Ginji glances back at Asch, eying the scissors with renewed suspicion.] Mine tipped me off, and here you are... So Asch, you're not really going to go through with it, are you?

[What the hell... the "horoscope" thing said that he was going to cut his hair? Is the journal broadcasting the Score now? Ugh...]

...I am. You just stand back and watch me do it.

[Lifting the scissors now!]

[Is this some kind of test? Or is it something else? He can't imagine what Asch wants with the scissors, but just standing around and watching doesn't feel right and something about the whole thing seems off. Ginji steps forward and reaches towards the base of the scissors. It helps to be tall(er).]

Hey...stop!! What are you planning to do with those? Weren't you going to tell me to get lost?

[Asch lurches back, eyes widening. What the hell, why are you getting in his way!?]

I'm going to cut my hair! Either watch me or stay out of my way!

[Ginji winces and draws back a step or two. Asch sounds angry and an angry Asch is kind of intimidating.]

[Wait, what.]

Yes, but... In the middle of the street, Mr. Asch?

[Yeah you better be intimidated 8|]

It's my hair, I can cut it wherever I want.

.... [Ginji frowns and - before he can even think twice about it - makes a very deliberate (almost angry?!) grab for those scissors. He lives dangerously, Ginji does.]

Hold on a minute! Maybe it'd be better if you waited for a little while. I mean, I'm sure you could find a barber if you asked around...

[Afterthought.] And they'd have a mirror.

[...Why do people keep trying to steal his scissors 8| He glowers at Ginji, a very pointed warning in his gaze.]

I don't know anyone who cuts hair around here.

[His hand's still hovering towards the scissors.]

[Going out on a limb here.]
I'll bet that's because you've never needed one before.

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