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Bad guys need to eat too. What.
88; --to describe that expression
aphephobic wrote in lucetilogs
Who: A wizard, an empath, and a hungry vampire
What: Dinner theater
When: Sunday, October 2nd
Where: Up in the mountains
Summary: Harth's in the mood for a mix of violence and science.
Rating: Probably R for violence/potential triggering/all that stuff

It had been foolishness to let Harth coax Hisoka into some kind of uneasy comraderie. He'd told too many stories, listened to too many lies. The recent mess with Caroline had managed to force Hisoka to consider the possibility of a humanesque vampire. He'd nearly let himself be impressed by Harth's limited stories, of his plan to subdue the vampire menace from the inside out.

And then came the filtered message. Harth was bragging about acquiring Draco as a personal trophy, proud of all the things he could do to dissect a wizard's anatomy and discover where the magic might lay. It was an obvious trap, but there was little that Hisoka could do about it, short of leaving Tsuzuki an abridged version of the situation and the request that he follow if Hisoka hadn't returned in an hour. The trip into mountainous territory was a bit of a challenge, but it wasn't too long before Hisoka glowered into the mouth of the appointed cave.

"I swear, Harth. If you've done anything to hurt him, I'll file down your fangs myself."

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It was a shame that such an interesting friendship had to come to such a messy end. Harth could blame it on any number of things - impatience, boredom, tiring of weaving stories, perhaps even growing too complacent in such a decidedly hostile environment. But, ultimately, what it came down to was hunger.

Aside from the insatiable thirst for knowledge, the need to know what could be done with the magic that existed within this realm... but it was far simpler than that. He was hungry. Animals weren't doing it. He'd never gone more than a week without feeding, animals simply weren't doing it for him - he needed something stronger. Were it not for that, he was quite certain that he would have been content to play along with this charade for a while longer.

Perched on top of the cave, away from view, the vampire considers stopping this here for now. There would be other times, other people - but that thought is quickly shrugged aside once his prey announces itself.

Then, it's just a matter of springing out from his hiding place, shifting the club in his hand and bringing it down on his head, hard enough to knock him out but not hard enough to kill.

"He's fine."

Today, Draco decided, was a terrible day. There he was, minding his own business and trying to pick up the rest of his pride that had been bruised during the last week of experimentation when out of nowhere someone or something ambushed him and knocked him unconscious.

Though not entirely unconscious anymore, Draco had decided that the best thing he could do for now was keep his eyes closed and pretend he was still knocked out. Besides, his head was still scrambled and he didn't have enough in him to open his eyes just yet.

He strains his ears a bit, trying to make out who exactly was with him in the mountain. Okay. Hisoka's voice he recognized, and he vaguely recognized the other as...well, he didn't actually get his name. But he knows it was the boy asking about magic.

And then Harth swooped in out of nowhere again. Draco's officially useless right now.

Normally, Hisoka might've heard something. Or felt the presence of a predator lurking nearby. Or somehow had some warning that something dangerous was coming near. Damn unreadable demons. Why was everything about vampires lately, anyway?

The first indication he'd had to Harth being anywhere close was the sudden rush of pain springing from behind him. It easily sent him crashing to his knees, swearing heavily. It was a concussive strike, enough to daze him terribly, but although there would most certainly be blood on Harth's club, Hisoka's scalp was already mending the injury. His blackout would only last a few seconds, but it gave away precious time that would have been better spent getting Draco out of here.

"You're not going to make this easy, are you?" The vampire's stomach growled at the scent of blood, but he was far more attuned to the fact that it was already mending. The vampire frowned heavily, considering... if he can take that, then perhaps there's no need to treat him as the average human. He'd never been particularly skilled at keeping them alive anyhow.

And so, shrugging, Harth reaches down and and grabs the human by the back of the neck, taking a step foward and then tossing him heavily into the cave wall.

As he hears Hisoka's body slam against the wall, Draco's eyes fly open. Wandless magic never is an easy thing to accomplish in Luceti, but he could still go back to the basics. With a wandless and wordless Wingardium Leviosa he attempts to use that same club the vampire bashed the empath's head with to fly up out of Harth's hand and swing at the vampire himself.

He vaguely realizes it's a feeble effort, but he's very much not okay with watching the other boy get thrown around like a rag doll. Draco's a wizard for crying out loud. He could handle this.

Dude those were his bones getting smashed around there! Harth seemed to have taken his resilience to heart, as the toss was strong enough to crack some vital pieces of his shoulder upon impact. He lets out a strangled cry, still struggling to pick himself up. It probably resembled something from a zombie movie as his body attempted to shamble itself into something upright.

"Let'm go," he slurred out of the healthier side of his face.

This was the sort of fun he'd wanted.

Noticing the club rising and jerking in his hands, Harth's quick to toss it out of the cave opening... clearly, physical harm is doing him no good in this situation.

"I wouldn't advise trying that again, Wizard. My patience is running thin," those blue eyes glow a dim yellow in the dark of the cave. He turns to Hisoka, idly considering further testing his ability to heal, then simply returns his attention to the chair. "You'll both be free to go soon enough."

And Harth kicks off, grabbing Hisoka again and chucking him into the other side, closer to the chair he'd arranged specifically for this purpose.

He couldn't help but wince when he heard those bones cracking, and as he watches that club go flying Draco's going to have to get creative.

Of course, being tied up doesn't exactly help the situation where he actually needs his hands and needs his wand.

"Soon isn't actually soon enough," he starts to say before he's watching Hisoka go flying again. "Hey!" Harm with physical objects clearly isn't going to do anything, so he'll mumble under his breath. "Confringo." He's not sure if Luceti will allow his magic to be that strong, but he's hoping that the flames will make contact.

Vampires could be effected by flame, couldn't they? Gods, he hoped so.

This is quite possibly the worst rescue mission ever. He'd like to be able to do more than merely react, but as soon as he's in any shape to start thinking straight again, he's being hurled toward the chair, collapsing over it.

"I'm getting you out of here," he promised Draco in a low voice now that he was close enough. You shouldn't be involved in the first place."

And then came the task of simply getting up. He can do this. Two feet on the floor, supporting the rest of the non-feet parts of the body. If fire were to happen long enough to slow Harth down enough to give Hisoka a chance to regain his bearings, then all the better.

In a word: owch.

The fire starts at Harth's shoulders and starts dancing down his back. The vampire hisses, slapping his hands against his back in a futile attempt to douse the flames - then simply rams his back into the wall to try to smother them. Ow. Ow.

This isn't working. It's fun, it's thrilling, but it's not working... well. Perhaps it's the time to test it.

So, burning or not, Harth grabs a rock from the floor and storms closer, intent on slamming the object down on the blonde wizard's fingers. After that, he fully intends on stuffing something down his mouth to prevent any more fuck ups.

When Hisoka collapsed next to him, all he could do was mutter back.

"And you were worried about me getting involved with vampires," he hissed. He smirked in sudden triumph when the flames connect with Harth's body and he's briefly satisfied. He'd hoped to give Hisoka enough time to get his bearings and at least untie him.

Of course he wasn't intending on Harth retaliating so quickly, much less so barbarically. As the rock comes crushing down on his fingers all he can really do is scream, if only because he can't move away at all and he has to take it. He can't even stop Harth from gagging him either.

How humiliating.

"And this is why I was worried about you getting involved," he shot back, thoroughly blaming Draco for this entire scenario. Under any other circumstances, it would've been like 'vampire? okay, conversation over.' Stupid Draco, making him give people stupid chances. He snatched a stake from its place at his side, prepared to make a move to engage him properly.

That was when it became immediately apparent that Draco wasn't occlumenting properly. When Draco screamed out, Hisoka flinched visibly, backing away from the pair by instinct to gain distance, lest he lose his grip on the weapon entirely.

"It's not him you want, Harth. He's just a mortal. Let him go."

"Not at all. He's precisely what I want."

Ah, things were starting to get serious. Harth considers it for a moment, then drives the rock down again, giving a sharp twist once it touches the brutalized digits.

It was hardly his fault, thanks ever so. He didn't get the chance to argue though when Harth started grinding the rock over his damaged and now bleeding fingers. He screamed again as he tried to pull his hand away, biting on his lip suddenly to try and keep everything under control.

"Hisoka, shut up." He managed to spit out. Seriously, mate, now was not a time to be a martyr.

Hisoka chewed on the inside of his cheek when Draco screamed, fist clenching around his weapon. Draco hadn't been blocking him out and even from that far away Hisoka felt the ghost of his suffering. He also had no intention of shutting up. He needed to bring the fighting away from Draco entirely to have any chance of winning it.

"You want a weak little man who can't even give you a decent challenge? And here I thought bullying was below you."

"Not at all."

Harth took merely a second to survey the damage. The, quick as a flash, brought the rock down on the wizard's wrist with one hand while the other moved to the damaged fingers.

He took a nail between two fingers.

No, nooo no no, Draco's not sure he likes that. He attempted to squirm away, pulling on his hand as best as he could to get it away from Harth. He had felt his wrist snap, and he had screamed again, but he was more concerned with what he was going to do with his nail.

If Hisoka had any hope of Draco blocking him out, he was sorely mistaken. But from behind them a few rocks shook loose from the walls of the cave, unintentional magic ricocheting. It was rare for Draco not to be in control of his powers, but he was, unfortunately, scared and desperate and that's what happens to such people without any means of defending themselves.

No. Pain or no pain, that wasn't allowed to happen.

Hisoka tossed the weapon to his nondominant hand and ventured closer, grimacing. Damn it Draco if you wanted a decent rescue, you were doing a terrible job and helping Hisoka give you one. And then the cave began to rumble, and Hisoka thrust himself forward, caution thrown to the wind. He reasoned that he had time for exactly one attempted staking before close proximity to Draco's pain would prove too much to ignore. It would be tolerable, if he could strike the vampire's heart in that one solid attempt.

"I believe I said leave him alone."

Harth turns just as the human comes closer, tilting his head back. His free hand moves, ready to grab the hand holding the stake. The other gives a testing pull - then riiiiips the nail from the finger, tossing it aside and gripping the poor boy's finger once more before hauling that back farther than it should go.

"Did you now?"

Well it's not really his fault, Hisoka. He just continues yelling, trying to rip himself away from Harth as more loose rocks come tumbling down from the cave walls. Stake him already! Draco himself is going to try and use another wandless spell to move one of those rocks, hoping to strike Harth in the head.

Hisoka had been anticipating Harth's speed, but not the ease at which he was able to multitask. His palm was easily grasped once Draco's pain ripped through Hisoka's body as well, sending him crashing to his knees crying out for Draco's pain.

"Fucking -- block me out --," he barked hoarsely in Draco's direction.

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