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Post-Event Reaction Log!
lucetimods wrote in lucetilogs
Who: Everyone. EVERYONE.
What: The event is over.
When: From 12:01 AM on the 28th to all day after
Where: All over da place!
Summary: With the event over, people will be waking up in whatever homes they moved into, perhaps next to someone they normally wouldn't.
Rating: I dunno it could get kind of steamy :o

Hope you guys enjoyed the event! Let the freaking out commence. You are all terrible people to your characters.
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[Voice] | Way after the whole Karai thing :|;;;

[It takes a significant amount of time for Robert to get himself calmed down enough to be capable of vocalizing. But he knows that Don's family - his real family - is going to be wondering where he is, and he also knows that Don's in no condition to tell them.

So eventually, he sends a message to Leonardo, the turtle he trusts the most besides his own partner.]


... D-Don is s-safe. He... h-he is in the apartment next to mine...

I-I believe he has s-some kind of... head i-injury. M-Migraine, perhaps. But he is l-lucid and s-safe...

I... w-wouldn't recommend moving him f-for now. I... I just thought that you and the rest of your f-family would... want to kn-know where he is.

[Voice] | Works for me. XD

[Leo's not home himself. He's in the woods, crouched against a tree. Rebuilding mental walls that the experiment managed to crack or bring down completely. So Don's not the only one not home. It takes him a couple of minutes to respond, mainly because he's fighting down the worry and bit of fear at the words 'head injury'.

He manages to sound calm when he finally does respond. Almost too calm, like it's forced.]

If he doesn't have any outward injuries to his head, it's probably just a migraine. [He's relieved to hear at least one of his brothers is with someone he knows.]

[Robert's repairing mental walls too, kind of. Except not really.

He tries to breathe.]

Y-Yes... migraine. He's... he seems b-better now, at least...


I-I know it isn't a-any of our faults, Leonardo.

B-But... I-I... I apologize for this... e-entire week.

I... I remember all of it. A-At least, my... f-false life... [It may be very obvious that the weight of these memories is hurting Robert even now that he's managed to scrawl most of them down somewhere safe, where he won't lose the data they provided.]

... A-At any rate. If... if you would like, you are f-free to come to Community Building Th-Three and see Don... S-Second room on the first f-floor. Nobody else l-lives on the floor... [That last part is meant to be reassuring, because Robert knows Leo isn't comfortable with strangers.]

Just...try to keep the noise down and little light as possible. [He knows well how bad Don's migraines can get. Even if he doesn't get them often.

Oh Robert, you sound like him with the apologizing.]

It's all right. It's not your fault. It's the malnosso's fault. [Screwing with people's lives and heads like this. There's just a bit of anger leaking into his tone. He remembers it all too. Even if some of them are pleasant, he can't let himself think more on them. It wasn't real.]

Thanks...I'll come by in a while. [Maybe. It depends on how he's feeling too.]

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I certainly w-will... [In fact, he already has. Robert is definitely keeping this information for any later migraines Don gets.]

The bloody Malnosso... I have no idea why they would even do this. How could this be in the least helpful in any way? [He doesn't really raise his voice, but Leo should hear the note of anger in his voice just as easily.]

... I a-appreciate it, Leonardo.

Thank you, too.

[There might be the sound of flesh hitting something solid for a moment.]

Because they can. We're just test subjects to them. They messed with people's emotions in February. Force us to fight their war. Bring us from our worlds against our wills. The extent of their capabilities is unknown.

Welcome. I'll try to be by...but I have a lot on my mind at the moment. [The biggest of which is waking up in bed next to his arch enemy. That's all kinds of wrong.]

[Robert jumps a bit at the sound, but he realizes that it's Leo pounding a fist into something, most likely; he calms after that moment.]

... It's disgusting. This is not science. This is just... insanity.

[He sighs frustratedly.]

... You c-could hardly be blamed. So much about this scenario is just... nearly unbearable.

[He would offer the chance for Leo to talk to someone, but... Leo probably doesn't want to share, and Robert doesn't want to impose. So he doesn't.]

[You finally really get to see the other side of him, Robert. He can be almost as bad as Raph when he gets like this. But he's not as bad as he was. He's just letting out some steam.]

Agreed. Just like most scientists I've run into. [There's a pause.] Present company excepted of course.

Thanks. [No, he won't talk to Robert. He trusts him to an extent, but he's not known him nearly long enough for Leo to trust him that much.]

[Unlike Raph, Leo does not dislike Robert. And this anger is completely justifiable.]

... Thank you for the exemption. I... I assure you that anybody like this is hardly worthy of the title of "scientist". No respectable scientist would ever allow ethics to be superseded. One can't even get accurate data that way.

[It's alright; Robert certainly understands the problem of trusting somebody you don't know well enough...]

... I wish there was some way for us to... to stop it from happening against our will... but there seems to be little to no way to resist.

[Leo always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt. After all, if he was anybody else Karai probably would've been dead, after she tried to kill his family.]

You haven't met the scientists I've run thankful you haven't.

[The trust thing might change somewhere down the road though.]

That's controlled by the Malnosso and only the Malnosso.

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If you know scientists anything like the Malnosso...

... All I can say is that I would understand why your family would be frightened of them. [Robert makes a disgusted sound.] The Malnosso are barbarians of the utmost degree.

And the most shameful thing is that their technology could be used for such positive purposes if only they had any sanity, sense or reason... unfortunately for us, all three of those principles seem to be thoroughly discarded.

... At any rate... if there is anything more I can do for you, I would be glad to. But I understand if... if there isn't. [There's too much that's happened to all of them for Robert to be able to fix it. All he can do is rationalize things for himself.]

Agreed, it could be. We do have someone on our side, but he apparently doesn't have much power in the group.

[Robert's helped more than he knows, just by letting Leo vent]

Thanks, I'll keep it in mind. Just...take care of Donny.

... I will, Leonardo. It... it's the only thing that is really keeping me sane right now.

[And with that, Robert will go tend to Don, so that Don will be strong enough to get home later.]


If you need or want anything else, please feel free to contact me again.


I'll keep that in mind. I won't be long, and I have my journal if something comes up.

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