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DRAFT LOG #2: The Battle Game!
lucetimods wrote in lucetilogs
Who: Everyone on the draft
What: Fighting bad guys!
When: Today (after 12PM) to the 19th, in the evening
Where: The Mining Facility
Summary: It's an underground mine! And the Malnosso want you to kill and capture all the bad guys! Oh, but don't let the rocks fall on you. That could hurt.
Rating: B for BLOOD. Seriously. People are going to die. People have already died. We're not going to make it out of here. We're all screwed, it's Game Over, man!

Everything you need to know is listed here and also this way. If you haven't signed up yet and want to be on this draft, then go do it and stop being lazy!
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[Day 1 - 3]

[Unlike last time, when Seto was on the offensive group, this time he's with the defensive. It isn't that he's scared to go back out there and fight right up in the front lines with everyone else, but he actually wants to protect his friends instead of him being protected. Jin and Terra didn't train him for nothing.

For all three days, Seto will be at the processing area, helping anyone who's injured or offer them some sort of comfort (more than likely a hug) and he'll also be defending the place. Any of the third party members that happen to slip past the people in the tunnels will be confronted by Seto and the sword Jin gave him. He isn't a big fan of killing people (or even hurting them), even if they are the bad guys, but he has to protect everyone.]

[Day 4 - Locked to Firo, Fuuko and Yui]

[It's early in the morning when Seto comes back from searching and looking through some of the tunnels to see if any of the enemies had managed to sneak past the other fighters when he does happen to come across one. Of course he was taken by surprise so he himself had gotten a good beating from the third party member but managed to hurt them as well.

But since he just couldn't bring himself to kill it... he had to retreat--unfortunately with it following behind slowly.

When he finally makes his way into the processing area, his legs begin shaking so he collapses to his knees then a moment later, the rest of his body follows and lands on the ground with a thud. The sword in his hand is just resting on his fingers as he has no strength to hold it.]

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[ The first thing Firo notices upon awakening is that he's still stuck in the tunnels. The second thing hits him almost at the same time, but instead of mild disappointment it brings an overwhelming sense of fear. Seto's gone. Firo immediately rushes ff to search for him, desperately hoping that he's unharmed.

He doesn't have to look far. Hope as he might, the little body crumpled on the ground can't be anyone but Seto. Firo freezes as his legs suddenly refuse to move. ]


[ Firo forces himself to move again and starts dashing to his fallen friend. ]

[Yui was hanging around near the entrance of the processing area with Fuuko when she heard a commotion just further down the path. A frown, it sounded bad and not too far off from their location. Maybe they should go down and be sure to be in position to help.]

Fuuko-san, we should go see what's going on.

[And she starts heading down toward where Seto and Firo were. It wasn't much, but she was carrying wooden plank with her, just in case.]

[Fuuko nods and follows on after Yui.]

Right, Yui-san!

[She doesn't have much with her at all, save for a wooden starfish in her hands, but it would be better than nothing at all.]

[Trying to lift his head up, Seto presses the palm of his left hand against the ground to try and get a better look at those who are running towards them.


No they shouldn't be coming over. So he shakes his head]


[ Without heeding Seto's words, Firo drops to the ground beside him and tries to support Seto's upper body. ]

Wh-what happened to you?

[Yui comes onto the scene a moment later, but stops several feet from where Seto and Firo was.]

Ah, hello!? Do the two of you need some help?

[Stopping a step or so behind Yui and calling after Seto and Firo.]

Fuuko can go back and get some supplies if you need it!

I-I was fighting...

[And that's all he's really going to say about that. It's pretty obvious how the fight went. His attention turns back to the two girls coming over then at the entrance he came from. That guy will catch up to him soon] W-Wait...

[ Firo glances over his shoulder when he hears Yui and Fuuko and nods quickly. ]

Y-yeah! He needs somethin' to patch him up!

[ Then he turns back to Seto. He has no clue what kind of bandages or medicine Seto needs right now; he can't think straight. ]

What? Why the hell would you go off and do somethin' like that?

[ There's no anger in his voice, just disbelief and a little bit of what could be helplessness or fear. ]

[This evening, Mia is trying to help any of those who seem like they've been working and fighting hard - and Seto is one of them. She'll bring him something small to eat, and a full bottle of water, offering both with a smile.]

[It takes Seto a second or two to realize he's being offered some food and water. He was too far out in lala land to get that there was something and someone in front of him for a minute there.

But once he does see it, he smiles brightly and takes what has been offered to him]
Thank you, Mia! I appreciate it.

You're welcome, Seto. How are you?

I-I'm okay. A little sore from fighting. [He takes a sip of the water] Are you doing okay?

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