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Event Log - Horoscopes!
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lucetimods wrote in lucetilogs
Who: Everyone
What: That's your horoscope for today ♪
When: November 25th-30th
Where: Anywhere you want!
Summary: The event has begun, and- oh, you guys know the drill 8|
Rating: ???

The horoscopes have appeared on the journals, the effects are in place, and just about everyone is acting a little bit... quirky, shall we say.

Event details and plotting can be found HERE!
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  • "Your boss is plotting against you. You have to stop him. Now!"
  • "Repent!"
  • "Keep your mood swings under control!"
  • "Every time you lay your head on a pillow a luminous red dot appears on your forehead"

Any Day:
[Ginji's been doing a lot of running around lately, as if maybe he's somehow misplaced something. Or more strictly speaking - someone. Whenever he does slow down to a normal speed, he looks preoccupied, as if something's been seriously bothering him.]

Day 1-2:
[Maybe Ginji's passing you on the street or you're both visiting the same shop. Maybe you share an apartment building. Whatever the case, Ginji will be stopping you so he can bow his head and apologize properly for that one thing. Don't remember? Well, it might not even involve you at all, but he sure sounds like he feels bad about it.]

Hey, could you wait up for a minute? There's something I need to get off my chest.

Day 3-4:
[Ginji's repentant mood has shifted into something else. Actually, he was feeling great a moment ago, but right now he'd rather be left alone. Why are you still here anyway? Ginji might be glaring at you from across the way or trying to engage you in friendly chatter. Or maybe he's buried his head in his hands and let out a deep sigh.]

Day 5:
[What a long week! And Ginji still hasn't managed to get all his chores done. There's still supplies to pick up, and he was supposed to ask around about tools, too. But Ginji's pretty much beat. You may find him slumped on the couch with a pillow under his head or sprawled on a bench somewhere, but no matter where you find him - even walking down the street with a paper bag full of vegetables - you'll notice a red dot on his face. Or maybe two. Or three. Or ten. Whenever he lays his head down, another mark seems to appear.]

[When Naoto's stopped mid-run from trying to get away from these stupid ducks that have been following her, she blinks and stares at the guy, confused. What's he want to get off his chest? She opens her mouth to speak but before she can say a word, a duck flies right at her and starts flapping it's wings all in her face, squawking.


She tries her best to shove it away but it just lands on the ground and starts waddling towards her again so in turn, she begins to back up, almost hiding behind Ginji]

I'm so disappointed in myself. You see, there was one time leaving Belkend... I didn't have time to run a complete pre-flight check on the Albiore and later I noticed an imbalance in the--

[Ginji's confession is interrupted by ducks. Yes, lots of ducks! The silver-haired pilot is left to look around in confusion as Naoto scoots behind him.] Ah! I'm sorry to interrupt, but I don't think you should do that. They may be birds, but I'm sure they don't appreciate you waving your arms at them like that.

[What was this guy talking about--the Albiore? Never mind that. She takes a look around Ginji to notice the ducks just kinda standing in front of him but also staring right back at her. You're going to be her shield for a few, hope you don't mind.

After making sure they aren't going to move from that spot, she then looks up at the other with an blank look]
And I don't appreciate them chasing me around the village all day.

[He hasn't had much experience, but he doesn't mind being a shield so much. As long as the ducks don't start attacking them. Ginji glances from the birds to back over his shoulder.]

They've been following you around for that long? [He's no expert, but it doesn't sound like normal avian behavior.]

Yes. [Seems almost pathetic doesn't it? To be honest, Naoto is pretty embarrassed by it all. What kind of ace detective gets chased around by ducks? Honestly.

One of the ducks, makes a quacking sound before waddling it's way closer to Ginji, trying to get to Naoto. She leans back so she's hiding entirely behind her shield, making no sudden movements]
They aren't friendly either.

[Well. She's surprised, but of course she'll stop for Ginji.]

Is everything all right?

[Ginji shakes his head slowly.]

No, and that's just the problem. I've been an awful influence on Noelle.

Really? I find that hard to believe.

[And she doesn't even know him that well. But Noelle is a good person, it stands to reason that her older brother-

No, no. I know what you're thinking, but Jade is a special case.

Nephry frowns and rubs her forehead for a moment. A few small pearls drop from her bun]

No, it's true. I was always talking about the Albiore. I should have stopped and listened to what she was interested in rather than going on and on about it.

[He gestures vaguely with one hand.] I mean, other girls her age are already dating, aren't they? And then there's... [His voice trails off as he notices something very small bounce onto the ground.]

Sorry, but I think you've just dropped something. Part of your hairpiece?

Oh, no, that's- It's not important.

[She doesn't know Ginji very well but she does know a good older brother when she sees one.]

Do you really think Noelle is the sort of person who would do something she didn't enjoy? I think she's as interested in the Albiore as you are.

And you want to share it with me? [She recognizes Ginji as Noelle's brother and Asch's pilot, but she has been fairly certain that beyond those relations she and Ginji had never had any reason to speak with one another.

Not that she would deny him a listening ear if he truly felt he needed it.]

[He's been apologizing to random people for random things all day and he just can't seem to stop. It's getting a little ridiculous by now, even for him. Ginji recognizes Tear, although they've only exchanged a few words with one another before now.]

Well, not if it would be an inconvenience to you. It's just that once I broke the latch on the escape hatch and forgot to fix it. Grandfather complained about it for days, but he never found out it was me. I should have fessed up and repaired it right away.

[So much for that.] .... Sorry, this keeps happening.

It's all right. [Tear is well-aware that there is another experiment going around right now, and doesn't blame Ginji for this in the slightest.]

Is that incident something that continues to bother you even today?

[Ginji stops, really stops and considers for a moment.]

It's not unusual for fon machines to break; most of them can be repaired if done right and if given enough time. ...I was really young when it happened - maybe nine - but I guess I can't help thinking back to things like that every once in a while. How you wish you'd done things a little differently when you had the chance.

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