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liketofu wrote in lucetilogs
Who: Everyone!
What: Thanksgiving + New Feather party.
When: Evening of the 20th.
Where: School cafeteria, nicely done up.
Summary: There's food. And there's also board games, are you game for some Snakes and Ladders?
Rating: Let's put this all over the board. Strange stuff can happen, man.
[Thanksgiving may not be a familiar holiday to most in Luceti, but everyone understands potluck, at least! Hopefully. Preferably.

It's all done buffet-style as usual. Thanksgiving stuff greets you first when you grab a plate and get in line at the buffet lines (food and drink provided by everyone, Thanksgiving stuff courtesy of the Welcome Centre and Ginia). Though of course, don't think that you have to stand in a line while eating! There's tables and chairs for sitting and talking and— eating, obviously. Reach out and grab a drink! If you get one that's been prepared by the Welcome Centre, it's non-alcoholic. Can't really say the same for anything else brought by others, so you may want to be careful. Y'know, just in case.

'course, there's also board games if you're interested in 'em. Just check out that corner over there!]

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Ginji smiled, leaning back in his chair to watch as people chatted with one another and bustled around the cafeteria. The energy in the room wasn't so unlike his hometown and it offered a refreshing change from what had become the daily norm - plus it was way more interesting than spending the evening cooped up in his room or wandering around the square.

And then there was the food. Some of it was perfectly familiar, but many of the spices and even some of the dishes he'd never tasted before.

After a while Ginji returned his attention back to his plate, trying to decide what to eat next.

"I wonder what this one is."

At that moment, Grune happens to have remembered once more that helping with the food is a good idea. When she overhears someone trying to solve a little problem, she naturally glances over to take a look.

...Not that she can be particularly helpful.

"Hmm...." Do they have that on the Legacy? "It looks very nice."

"You're right, it does," Ginji admitted. And it did. But even if it hadn't, Ginji didn't want to go around spreading rumors about the food - chances were whoever had made the dish was here in the cafeteria somewhere. And with that said, he decided to assume the nice lady didn't know what it was either.

"Well, I guess there's only one way to find out." He shrugged lightly and lifted a forkful of the food in question to his mouth, chewing thoughtfully.


She watches him curiously. "Is it good?"

After a slight pause, Ginji swallowed.

"Actually, it's a lot sweeter than I expected. I think one of the ingredients is potato, but I'm not sure about the rest. You should definitely try it if you get the chance."

"Oh, all right. I'm glad it tasted good." Especially since he's just eaten it.

She gives him a bit of a curious look. Is he a New Feather? She doesn't think she's seen him before. Just to be safe, she says, "My name is Grune. What's your name?"

/matches tense for easier reading. :3b

"So am I," he replies casually. Since choking on somebody's food is such a great compliment and all.

Ginji returns the inquiring look. He's seen her weaving around a bit, so he assumes she's a part of the Welcome team. Maybe? Pretty much everyone in Luceti is new to him, though, so he's gotten used to exchanging introductions.

"I'm Ginji." He smiles. "It's nice to meet you, Grune. Have you been here long?"

...Would you believe I didn't notice the tense difference. orz Sorry!

This is a question Grune gets asked quite often. Unfortunately, her answer is always the same.

"Hmm...." She places her finger against her cheek. "I wonder."

She's actually been here for well over a year now, but it's just not a detail her patchy memory can hold.

Totally fine, I promise!

Not exactly the sort of answer Ginji's expecting. Well, he guesses he shouldn't be too surprised. Mr. Asch rarely offers straight answers either... The only difference is his boss actually gives off the impression of knowing what they are.

Oh well, Ginji will try to help her out.

"I see. Well I guess my sister and I are what you call 'New Feathers'. We arrived just over a week ago." He makes a palm-flipping gesture with his free hand. "So far Luceti seems like it's an interesting place."

"That depends," said a voice, one that came from a person who just happened to be passing by when Ginji leaned back in his chair. He didn't hit him or anything, but Caesar won't pass up an easy chance to start conversation with someone new. "But it could be dangerous. Assuming you are talking about the food, that is."

Ginji looked up, letting the two legs of the chair that were hovering a few centimeters off the ground drop back onto the floor where they belonged.

"Dangerous?" he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. Not everyone could cook, that was a fact, but easting didn't seem too risky compared to, oh say, climbing down cliffs or dodging anti-aircraft fire at high speed.

"I haven't seen them rush anyone out of the cafeteria yet, so I think I'll take my chances. Besides, everything's been delicious so far."

"Oh, it's not all bad." He shook his head, deciding to correct himself. He'd already tasted some of the food, too, and he wouldn't want to give the wrong impression for no reason. Some of it was actually really good. "I'd just avoid the cheesecake if I were you."

Because Caesar had known Rise for far too long. He didn't trust her cooking, and he refused to take any chances with it.

The cheesecake? Ginji tried to recall if he'd seen any among the other desserts. He wasn't sure, but there didn't seem to be any on his plate.

Ginji lowered his voice, his expression turning a bit more serious. "Why? Is there something wrong with it?"

"The girl who made it has an unnatural inclination toward spicy foods," Caesar explained simply. At least he'd been kind enough not to mention specifically who had made it. She'd probably huff at him if she learned he had. "Her food can be so spicy that it may actually be harmful to your health. I wish I could say I was exaggerating!"

"Hmm." Maybe her culture preferred spicy foods? There wasn't really anything wrong with that that Ginji could see - even Grandfather had gotten pretty daring with condiments sometimes - but from the way this guy described such actually sounded hazardous.

"Wow. I wasn't aware food could get that spicy..." Ginji replied. "Maybe it'd be a good idea if someone added markers to all of the hot dishes. So people would know."

"Neither was I! Needless to say, it wasn't a very pleasant experience." Oh, he remembered it well. Some 'thank you' cookies those turned out to be. "Markers would be helpful. No one would expect the sweets to be the deadly ones."

"Not what you were expecting, huh?" Ginji sounded sympathetic. Not only would you have to finish the food in a situation like that, but you'd have to find some way of either letting the girl know or manage to keep up the act. Which would be worse? Possibly hurting someone's feelings or lying about her cooking ability? Ginji hoped he wouldn't be stuck choosing.

"Rise's the one who invited everyone, isn't she? Maybe I could ask her about the markers. It's a little late to add them now, but it couldn't hurt to suggest them for next time."

Giles overhears this question as he's returning to the table for more. As it is, he's seen enough food that's unfamiliar to him that he can't help but pause.

"Casserole. Beyond that, I'm not sure I can help you."

"A casserole, huh?" Ginji muses, but he does look up from his plate to see just who's answering him. "In that case it could be a combination of just about anything."

Ginji can vouch for that much. Those busy days at the end of the month when a whole bunch of vegetables and meats got mixed with flour and baked together in the oven. Around Sheridan they tended to be hit-or-miss.

"Going back for seconds?"

Giles shrugs, casting a glance over at the table before looking back at Ginji. "I thought I might. We've had bigger parties than this with less food. I shouldn't be depriving anyone."

Ginji's eyes dart towards the table, and he nods in agreement.

"Probably not, since there seemed to be plenty left when I went through the line a few minutes ago. I highly recommend the soup."

Bigger parties? Which means this man's been in Luceti for at least a while, right?

"I'm Ginji, by the way. Who are you?"

Quite a while, to his mind.

"Giles. Nice to meet you, Ginji. Sorry if I seem, um, a bit on edge. Only just got back this morning."

"You too."

Ginji's eyebrows raise in a mixture of confusion and mild concern. What's normal edginess for some might not be normal for others (and Ginji knows his share who're always on guard), but people don't normally apologize for nothing. "It's all right, but. Just got back from where?"

Not unless you're Giles, they don't.

"An...experiment, I suppose. My friends and I just spent a while in the care of the Malnosso.

I got back just in time for the party."

"Do you mean you were kidnapped? I've read that it happens sometimes..."

But he's yet to experience it, and he's not sure he wants to. And he's not sure he wants anyone else to either.

"Are you all right?"

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