Kind friends and companions, join me in rhyme
Who: Rupert Giles, Grune, their respective CRs, and...let's face it, anyone wondering what this guy is doing with a Grim Reaper reflection
What: Trying to sort out these mind control shenanigans
When: December 27th to January 2nd
Summary: Dhaos has successfully managed to break apart one of the most faithful friendships in Luceti, and the ripples are spreading to other, unintended targets. Whether it's with some good, old fashioned magic in return or just trying to sit Giles down for a talk, more than a few people have determined to get to the bottom of these strange happenings.
Rating: PG to PG-13 for emotionally upsetting stuff

Let us drink and be merry all out of one glass.Collapse )

Oh hallelujah, everything is washed away.
Cozy Big Sister.
Who: Grune, Giles, and Dhaos
What: A meeting between friends--and soon-to-be enemies.
When: December 26
Where: On the way to CH3, then CH3, Room 28
Summary: Grune meets up with Giles on the way to Dhaos' apartment. After, learning of how close Grune is to the human Giles, Dhaos decides to do something about it.
Rating: ...PG for Dhaos being a jerk?
Demons cleverly steal into my heart / And smile at the hole within.Collapse )

blue christmas
➢ I don't think my body can handle the
Who: bunnabee (mindgooshed) and YOU.
When: p much allll day of the 25th, until early evening.
Where: the town/forest
Summary: christmas is kind of an awful time for this guy, and he's missing out on a macabre tradition that he'll be recreating here in luceti. also, uh, dealing with some issues.
all i want for christmas is youCollapse )

(no subject)
Charge! Give 'em all you got!
Who: Gold, Silver, and anybody and everybody invited!
What: Silver's fourteenth birthday party, courtesy of Gold.
When: December 24th, mid afternoon
Where: The Rec Center, the place of all celebratory happenings.
Summary: Gold puts together the most kickin' birthday party his best friend's ever had. ...Not that he's ever had one, of course. But it's the thought that counts!
Rating: PG, most likely.
The party starts now!Collapse )

in the midst of the crowd
Who: Kyon and Mai
What: Low-key move-in day
When: December 20th.
Where: Community housing building 6, floor 5.
Summary: Kyon finally gives up and moves into an apartment. Mai happens to be living on the same floor. Hijinks.
Rating: probably nothing to worry about!

the independence of solitudeCollapse )

The Usual: Wining, Dining, Kampai...
Who: Arsene Lupin III, Mine Fujiko, Ishikawa Goemon XIII, Inspector Zenigata Koichi, and Suminawa Murasaki
What:  Christmas with friends, plus serious discussion.
When: Evening on December 25th
Where: Fujiko's Room, CH 5 Room 40
Summary: Lupin holds a Family Meeting with his Associates; The Girls may have planned something extra.
Rating: T for Too Much Talking!

The snow's not gonna let up anytime soon, is it?Collapse )

Birthdays on Christmas Eve are cool too
Who: Nagisa, Fuuko, Kotomi, AND ALL THEIR CR~! (And CR's CR if necessary ahaha)
What: Nagisa's birthday party!
When: Evening of the 24th
Where: CH3, room 12
Summary: It just so happens that Christmas Eve is Nagisa's birthday, so as mentioned in her previous journal entry, she's having a birthday party! All CR of hers, Kotomi's, and Fuuko's are welcome. How everyone's going to fit (especially with Daisy and Beast there), I have no idea. But details, details.
Rating: PG unless someone calls Spada 'Young Master'

Nagisa why are you out of bedCollapse )

I threw the rest of the cake too
Heaven Side
Who: Whoever doesn't have other plans
What: see here
When: ICly, the night of the 25th
Where: Rec Center
Summary: As Atsuro announced, a Christmas and Karaoke+Hot Pot set up at the Rec Center
Rating: ???
Say hello to the groundCollapse )

something was bound to go right sometime today.
never quite awake
Who: Ange Ushiromiya and Keiichi Maebara
What: Ange and Keiichi's Christmas deito!!
When: Forward dated to Christmas day.
Where: Starts off at house 21, then wherever fate may take them all across the village, I guess.
Summary: Keiichi takes Ange out for Christmas, which inevitably turns into a genuine date.
Rating: PG?
all these broken pieces fit together to make a perfect picture of us.Collapse )

"And I'm somewhere in between what is real and just a dream"
Hoping This Works Out | Hesitation
Who: Masaomi Kida and Katara
What: "What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form - is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way."
When: December 23rd
Where: undetermined
Summary: A mistletoe-induced confession leads to two friends having The Talk.
Rating: PG?
And everything will be back to the way that it was, I wish that it was just that easyCollapse )

Secret Santa-san...daisuki!!! ♥
Who: Everyone who signed up for the IC Secret Santa!
What: Party at 7th Heaven and gift-giving! There's croquembouche.
When: December 24th, around 10 AM.
Where: ...7th Heaven. I feel like I'm repeating myself.
Summary: People. Give gifts. Anonymously. And eat.
Rating: PG, PG-13 at the most.

‘Twas the night before Christmas in Luceti, and as promised, there is a small party for those interested in spreading joy to attend. In the corner of 7th Heaven, Azusa has piled all the Secret Santa gifts she's been given so that everyone can find theirs...and there's food! Croquembouche, tea, coffee, cookies, little sandwiches...don't forget to thank Sanji for all of those!

There's more than just opening presents to do, so sit down...or stand! Socialize a little, and ask questions about Christmas, or just be glad to have a nice, warm place to get together in. It’s not as crazy as it could be, though Azusa has still gone through the effort to put up some paper snowflake decorations and a few holiday ornaments. She’s trying for a more peaceful atmosphere, one where people can just sit and drink and eat and enjoy each other.

[ooc; The people on the list were given the names on the 20th, after the draft, and had until evening of the 23rd to drop off a gift. If you don’t have someone leave a gift for you under the tree by the 30th of December, PM me! Azusa left gifts for everyone who “didn’t” get one, but please, if you signed up? Just come comment here. Contact me ASAP if I made an error!]

And now, the list is finally revealed!Collapse )

[ooc; Just an additional OOC note, since it did come up! I will not be changing partners unless there's a legitimate problem between the two players, and even then, you'll have to convince me. This was all decided by assigning characters a number and using this site to make the list. Thank you for understanding.]

(no subject)
lost in thought again
Who: Edward, truthget, Winry crytearsofjoy; Elicia, Gracia, and Maes Hughes also 100% invited to tag/threadjack/whatever if you so desire! (Also other castmates if you guys feel like trolling/dropping by |D;)
What: Edward's birthday!
When: December 22nd
Where: House 23
Summary: It's a birthday. Duh. And Winry has a special (and AWESOME) gift for Ed, woo. Delicious cake to follow. 8|
Rating: Uhhh G to PG is my assumption.

[So... birthday. And Edward isn't really feeling it today, even though birthdays are usually pretty pleasant things. Without Al, though, it feels kind of miserable- this is the first time he's ever been away from Al on his birthday, so he's been more inclined to mope and try to distract himself with anything else than celebrate.

That is assuredly going to change by the end of the morning, when a certain someone perks him right up, but until then he's going to be notably BLAH.]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Who: Everyone!
What: Winter shenanigans!
When: Dec. 22 -- ALL. DAMN. DAY.
Where: Everywhere in the village
Summary: The draft is over and there's all that snow out there so why not have a little fun? Hot Chocolate and other warm drinks provided by the Welcome Centre volunteers if that's okay with them?
Rating: G! The point of today is to have fun! :D

This post needs no cut! It's time for some fun action tag spam style! :D

(no subject)
Adorable Prince 2
Who: The residents of Graces House, Isamu, and anyone else who wants to show up!
When: December 13th
Where: House 28
Summary: Isamu is getting a birthday party whether he wants one or not. (Hint: the answer is "not," but Richard doesn't particularly care about that.)
Rating: Shouldn't be more than PG even with Isamu's mouth.
Never underestimate the Troll King.Collapse )

(no subject)
✘ forward motion
Who: bitty Mithos, Frey, Silver, Kaori.....idk anyone else who lives in House 15 and wants to jump in at any point, hell if I can keep track of all y'all v////v
What: (unsure)
When: December 19th at some point
Where: House 15
Summary: Draftees return to their ridiculously populated house to find that a certain housemate has taken in the child version of some mass-murdering racist psychopath. No big deal, guys.
Rating: Cute? Popcorn.gif?

With a great...big...hug... 8|aCollapse )

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
why don't I know you?
Who: Yamanaka Ino and YOU!
What: Luceti Christmas shenanigans!
When: Backdated to December 13; before the drafts
Where: Around the village premises
Summary: Despite the annoyance the Christmas lights are giving her, Ino still feels the festive mood. And that's not all.
Rating: PG, there might be kissing~

Underneath the mistletoe last niiightCollapse )

It's windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys
Unsure smile.
Who: The twins, Jilly, Jack, and Liz.
What: The white stuff.
Where: The Britannia, the beach, and the Cullen House.
When: December 15th-17th
Summary: Horatio, Archie, and Jilly were painting the captain’s cabin when the snow started.  It got cold, so they went below to the galley where they could warm up by the stove…and can’t get back out.  Thanks, mountains of snow.  Still, Jack and Elizabeth can’t really launch a rescue mission until the worst of the snow is over, so we’re in for a long sail—one with little fuel for the fire and practically no food.
Rating: F for EFFING SNOW.  And most likely C for Cuddling.
 When the wind blows, it's all together, boysCollapse )

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you
I look at you and smile because I'm fine
Who: Anyone invited to Helios' birthday party
What: Helios' birthday party
When: The 15th, afternoonish
Where: House 44
Summary: It's Helios' birthday so all of his friends are throwing him a surprise party. There's cake and cookies and mistletoe?
Rating: D for derp?
So... where are we putting the shark tank and strippers?Collapse )

DRAFT LOG #2: The Battle Game!
Who: Everyone on the draft
What: Fighting bad guys!
When: Today (after 12PM) to the 19th, in the evening
Where: The Mining Facility
Summary: It's an underground mine! And the Malnosso want you to kill and capture all the bad guys! Oh, but don't let the rocks fall on you. That could hurt.
Rating: B for BLOOD. Seriously. People are going to die. People have already died. We're not going to make it out of here. We're all screwed, it's Game Over, man!

Everything you need to know is listed here and also this way. If you haven't signed up yet and want to be on this draft, then go do it and stop being lazy!
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

DRAFT LOG #1: Preparations
Who: Everyone on the draft
What: Pre-Draft Arrangements
When: Today, 9AM to 12PM
Where: At the dorms
Summary: The Draftees receive a brief moment of Malnosso hospitality before being sent off to fight.
Rating: Look, it's only three hours long. So do you really need to have any hanky panky? Now? Let's keep this appropriate for once, gawd.

As usual, this post is for characters to mingle and touch base before the draft starts. Details on their temporary accommodations are outlined here. Please note that characters will NOT return here once they arrive in the mines. This is just a place for them to gather supplies and get some extra rest beforehand.
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


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